“Investing in Art represents an exciting opportunity for investors at all levels to create a portfolio that is strongly resistant to economic, commodity and stock market fluctuations that also reflects their own tastes, beliefs and aesthetic preferences. As well as a financial investment, artworks have tangible value as talking points, objects of fascination and expressions of their owners’ tastes. Artworks, unlike many other investments, can be enjoyed to their fullest, used for charitable purposes or put on display to the public without affecting their value – in fact public exposure of an artwork can greatly increase its profile and therefore its value.

At katrinbrunier we offer artworks directly from our artists, with no dealer’s fees and no prior sales, maximising the potential margins and gains from your investment. Our artists are carefully vetted and hand-picked for their track record as artists – works from our artists have been displayed and sold through the Saachi gallery, and sold to household name actors, company directors, surgeons and other high net worth individuals. This ensures that the artists you buy from here are known by the most influential names in the arts, entertainment, medicine and business worlds, driving significant high-level exposure and strong. long-term demand for their work on the market.”